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History - MPower

Retail Competition and Open Access (RCOA) was declared in 2012 and its implementation started in mid-2013. Under RCOA, power distribution utilities will no longer have a monopoly on the retail supply of power and qualified end-users now have the freedom to choose which supplier they wish to buy electricity from. Power supply retailers have to compete with each other in terms of price and services. With RCOA, the customers now have the power of choice and can enjoy the benefits of competitive power rates.

As part of the RCOA scenario and pursuant to the EPIRA and ERC rules and regulations, distribution utilities and electric cooperatives are allowed to put up their respective Local Retail Electricity Supply (RES) business segments. In order for Meralco to continue its more than a century of commitment to serve the customers, it established its Local RES. Meralco then pooled its most competent and experienced personnel and began preparations to engage in the power retail supply business. It engaged the best system service providers, acquired the best power supply/demand and market forecasting tools, and contracted with several power suppliers. Thus, MPower was born.

The challenges facing contestable customers in contracting their energy requirements themselves under RCOA can sometimes be overwhelming. MPower aims to make the transition from a captive to a competitive market as seamless as possible for customers, understanding fully well that they are focused on running their businesses instead of spending time managing energy requirements.  This is why MPower is not just about electricity - "we eMPower your business."