MPower is committed to take the lead in providing best value in the Retail Competition Open Access arena. We offer competitive energy products and service innovations to help you better manage your electricity requirements. MPowering your business is what we are all about.

Portfolio Information

Retail competition gives you the power to choose where to buy electricity, how to purchase, and what type of electricity service to purchase.

MPower is the powerful choice to secure your energy needs as a contestable customer. As the Local Retail Supply arm of Meralco, MPower is composed of professional engineers, strategic account managers and service personnel with unparalleled experience in the energy industry, dedicated to provide excellent customer service.

Get access to a diversified portfolio of power plants, ensure that your energy needs are met and properly manages - benefit from these when you work with MPower. With a combined industry experience of over 500 years, our dedicated engineers and officers can provide you energy advice to help you in your electricity service concerns.

Unique Value Proposition

MPower ensures that your electricity and service needs are met.

As your reliable energy partner, Mpower ensures that your electricity and service needs are met, to fulfill your short- and long-term business goals in the most efficient way possible. We work hard to provide you with: Reliable electricity supply, Spot Market exposure management, Locational and congestional cost management, Choice on electricity volume requirements, Load predictability reports, Risk management consulting, Other energy consulting services.

Strong Business Partnerships

Connects you to a broader group of subsdiary and affiliated companies.

MPower also provides you power quality, energy efficiency, technical consultancy, and other value-added services, and connects you to a broader group of subsidiary and affiliated companies, MGen, MIESCOR, MServ, Radius Telecoms, Bayad Center, and Republic Surety & Insurance.

At MPower, your business is important to us. We strive to ensure that you receive the highest level of service in the industry, so we can help you grow your business with new solutions, customized and relevant to your evolving needs.

Through this partnership, we MPower your business. And together, we can empower the nation. Be Our Partner today.